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Living in the heart of the medina

Travellers attracted by the magic of Marrakech, its sunny climate and the colour of its walls, named it the "red city" many years ago.
Marrakech, the medina with its stirring life, indistinct, full of colours, imprisoned within its earthen ramparts, finds itself in its gardens of palm trees filled with birds, shade and silence.

Almost a thousand years ago, Marrakech emerged from the dry dust plains and stones surrounding the summits of the Atlas mountains to the south.
Born to be a capital by the sheer will of nomads from the Sahara desert, shaken by History, Marrakech succeeded in keeping the charms of its brilliant past.
This is not the only reason why its name evokes a flood of oriental images, of excitement and perfumes but it also stirs us with the wonder of sun-faded carpets, the glare of copper in the shade of its souks and the nostalgia of a fountain in an abandoned palace.

Marrakech is alive... Isolated behind doors and walls, in the intimacy and freshness of its arcades surrounding gardens filled with orange trees and jasmine.
In the medina, all the houses are built alike : with rooms surrounding a garden-patio of four orange trees with a fountain at its centre.
This type of arabic traditional houses is called "riad"; houses with rooms surrounding a courtyard which is not planted, are called "dar"
The old city is like a huge labyrinth, developed by buildings. Side by side, riads offer blind facades with doors opened onto narrow and sinuous dead end alleyways.
One can easily get lost.
Here and there... A minaret, a small square, a palm tree high above, here a mosque, there an official building, a garden, a palace perhaps...?

The attraction of this sort of city is, no doubt, related to its visible anarchy. Sensations of movement, colours, odours, light pass quickly in front of eyes.
This is Morocco; the city that you discover from inside when leaving your riad. The shadows are light, water trickles from a marble fountain... The door opens onto the heat of the street... Marrakech waits for the evening. Everything encourages a long walk...